The Bucket Seat Story

Back when I was just a teenager with a new drivers licence, I met up with an assortment of characters. The funniest was probably Kevin. Kevin was a car nut. Every time I seen him, his hands were covered with grease and his clothes were even worst.

Most of the time he came to our cruising spot with his father’s old Fargo pickup truck. His father restored the truck to its original condition, and then painted it blaze orange…I doubt this was the original colour, but the truck looked good. Kevin drove the truck as if his life depended on it. Before he could get comfortable, he had to check every inch of the truck to see if there were any scratches on it before he left for home.

One day, Kevin arrived at the parking lot with a car he had been working on. When he arrived, everyone was in tears from laughing. You see, the car, an old Corolla, wasn’t in the best of shape. Kevin just replaced the floor when he got the urge to cruise. When he arrived, he was sitting on a beef bucket, rather than the seat. “What, you never heard of ‘Bucket Seats?’ ” he said.

That guy! He gave me some laughs.

Kevin went on to become a mechanic…one who only has two toes on his left foot. Another good story.

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