Road Rash and Beer

Back in the 90’s, while I was enjoying my second childhood, a bunch of guys (and a few gals) had lots of fun. My brother, while still in college, bought a Sega Genesis gaming system. Despite being archaic by today’s standards, the thing was a ton of fun. When a few of my friends and a few of his discovered we had a gaming system, it wasn’t long before they were knocking on our door, beer in tow, ready to challenge one another to a game of hockey or to bash each other’s heads in with bats while driving motorcycles.

We only had two games. NHL 95 and Road Rash. Every weekend, we gathered at my house, hooked the system to my old RCA floor model TV set (Hey, it was color!), broke out the beer, and had fun. No pressure, just fun.

While some may have regarded us as childish, we didn’t care. We would drink way too much, play hard, and eventually climb into a cab and journey to the popular nightclubs for more booze and maybe (hopefully!!!) some ladies.

We even made a hockey league, complete with trades. We had our own teams and we played as if it was serious hockey, along with a few laughs along the way. The graphics sucked, as only pixels on the screen represented the players, but you knew you were playing  hockey whenever the puck hit the net or you squished someone’s players into the boards. I even found a flaw (they were many) in the game where if you positioned your player at a 45 degree angle from the goalie, the puck always went in. Of course a rule was created so that I couldn’t do this (once everyone figured out why I won all the games) and I had to figure out how to score correctly (legally???).

The Road Rash game was especially fun. Split screens, one racer on top and one on bottom, as well as a barricade of cpu controlled riders made for a ton of fun. If a rider possessed a bat or a chain, or even a stick, you were able to kick or punch the rider until his stamina dropped, and then steal his weapon. You were also able to line up your opponent next to a car, and kick him into oncoming traffic. See, FUN!

Back then, games were simple, but I believe they were more fun. Throw beer into the mix and you had a ton of laughs. I was telling my kid about the game (not the beer) the other day and he says that it seemed fun. I hope he thinks this, as I just ordered the old gaming system as well as the road rash game on ebay.

Maybe now that my kid is 12, I can relive some of the fun (without the beer) and he can enjoy it as well. Click on the link and see for yourself. Don’t forget the beer!!


NHL 95

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