People are dumb

People are dumb. I have proof.

I was walking my dogs in the park the other day and this genius walks up to me and asks “That your dog?”

I wanted to reply several things…such as:

“No, I stole all three of them.”

“No, my cat was bored, so I picked him up this little doggie costume and…”

“No, these are actually tiny horses”

To follow the ‘That your dog’ question, some even ask:

“Does he bite?”

The polite thing to say would be “Never know, I wouldn’t trust him.”

But I would say “Pull his tail and find out”

That’s like whenever I am at the hospital (Not often with the health care we have here…)

There is always a genius who tries to spark up a conversation with the line

“How you doing?”

Politely, I usually reply “Not bad”, but if I wasn’t doing badly, why would I be at the hospital?

What I should have replied was:

“Well, I was home feeling great and decided to visit the hospital to see what I could catch.”

Speaking of hospitals, this is a clue to just how long it takes to see a doctor on call:

A lady sat next to me with a packsack on her back. At 9 a.m., she takes out an egg sandwich, at 12, she takes out a salad she made. In other words, she planned on waiting the entire day to see a doctor, and as a precaution, she packed food. Smart Lady, dumb health care system.

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