The Diet

“WILMA!!!! Dino ate all the food in the rockfrigerator again! This time he didn’t even leave the bones!”

“Oh Fred! Leave the poor thing alone. He only eats when he is hungry!”

“That’s the trouble, he is always hungry. No more! Today Dino is on a diet!” Fred hollered.

While Fred enjoyed his Brontosaurus Burger, Dino drooled with hunger.

That was, until Fred turned his back. Dino snatched the burger and inhaled it in one bite. Fred was furiuos.

“That’s it! Dino, from now on you eat out here.” Fred put two morsels of food in a bowl. “That’s all you get!”

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy
PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

This little tale of a diet gone wrong is my entry into Rochelle Wiseoff-Field’s Addicted to Purple. Be sure to check out the link for more stories.





14 thoughts on “The Diet

  1. Ah, the pleasant burden of being a pet-owner, from a dog who shares my salted peanuts, to two cats who lap at my glass of chocolate milk??? What would we do without them? 🙂

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