My Nana

a tribute I wrote for my grandmother, who passed 18 years ago. We still miss her


As she shuffled across the floor, feet never seeming to lift, she found her way to the counter. Reaching in the cupboard, she slid her fingers from the bottom of the door and up until she found the knob. Carefully propping herself against the counter, she reached inside the cupboard to find the perfect bowl.

When the correct bowl was discovered, she carefully put it on the counter. She then felt her way across the cabinet and found the drawer where the utensils were stored. She found her whisk and lay it on the counter. One hand in the flour and one  in the bowl, she was able to judge exactly how much flour she needed, the same for the eggs and the other ingredients. She  carefully mixed the ingredients together, always with her secret ingredient of love. When this was finished, she poured the mixture into cupcake pans, clicked…

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