The Dreams of a Warrior

Photo courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction
Photo courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction

Grey Eagle was a warrior

at least he was in his dreams.

The son of the son of the son of a mighty chief

many battles under his belt.

Grey Eagle would not know this,

it was not part of the Government’s plan.

Grey Eagle was taken

when he was but a boy.

They would teach him a better way

away from the people he loved

and they had no say.

They educated him

and taught him the ways of the white man

because they thought he was a savage.

His lessons were beat into him

with a whip and a leather belt

or a hand;

He missed his brothers and sisters

and his mom and his dad

and the people in his life who were most important.

They took away his heritage

and his culture and most of all,

they took away his hope.

Now he’s just an indian

nothing but a drunk and a joke.

But at night

when he closes his eyes

he soars high above us

in the skies

where he is free

to dream.

and to fight

and to hunt

like his forefathers

were allowed to


This is my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction





4 thoughts on “The Dreams of a Warrior

  1. This is excellent and very much true! I live right next to the Navajo Indian and Ute Indian reservations and they use to take those children and put them in boarding mission schools. Many have turned to alcohol.

    1. my grandmother’s grandmother Louise March was full blooded MiKmaq. We heard horror stories about how they were treated. In fact, Louise’s father’s birth certificate listed him as a savage

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