The Tweeter

“Whatcha doin Bobby?”

“I beez a Tweetin'” he replies.

Little Billy stares at his older brother as he tinkers away with his phone.

“You done don’t look like no bird, so how is it you tweets?” asked the little one.

“Weel, I watched the growed-ups at school, and they sits around a table, none of dem talking wit each oddur, and all of a sudden they are laffin at nothin’. Well I barged in the room and axed dem what dey was laffin at and dey sais dey were tweetin.”

“Well tweet fast, I wants to play a game or sumptin’!” says the impatient one.

In no time at all, Bobby gets tired of all the tweetin and decides to take his little brother and go fishing. Mom, who was standing next to the house at the time laughs at the antics of her kids and decides to see what her oldest has ‘tweeted’. As she reads the screen, she smiles to herself :”Tweet tweet chirp chirp chickadee dee dee”

I just started using Twitter.  Thought this little story might give you a laugh.

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