News Story of the day: A Tail of two Kitty’s…(parts)

You’ll never guess what we have here in Newfoundland….give up? How about a cat with two parts? That’s right, a ‘furmaphroditic’ cat. Amazed, right?

WORLD NEWS?  Newfoundland NEVER makes world news. Most people don’t even know where Newfoundland is, for crying out loud!

Hundreds of people are losing their jobs due to the drop in oil prices and Mittens doesn’t know which bathroom to use!

As the story goes, mixed up Mittens showed up on the lady’s doorstep, and when she went to get the cat ‘done’, the vet broke the news that she/he needed to be spayed AND neutered. And then, the vet needed to do ‘special surgery’ where they flipped a coin and decided that Mittens (a rather non-gender specific name) would lose one part and keep the other. Mittens would become a male. Apparently it’s easier to plug one part than to cut off the other.

The poor lady was hit with a vet bill totaling over $1500! I bet since the news story hit the airwaves, donations will soon come ‘purring’ in. In no time at all,  the island’s latest celebrity, Mr. Mittens, will be feasting on the best cat food money can buy, sans her vagina.

Tomorrow nobody will remember the cute little kitty….except for the vet, who stands to make a bundle on the entire situation.

My answer to the problem? Have some respect for the animal. If she/he is suffering, get her put to sleep. If she isn’t suffering (the cat appears healthy), leave her alone. And leave her the way God meant her to be.

That’s my Rant for the week.


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