‘e still builds da boats, bye

Copyright – Georgia Koch
Copyright – Georgia Koch

“Why you billin’ dese boots, Gramps?” asks little Tommy.

Jim, always the joker, decides to have some fun with his grandson.

“Ta catch all da fish in da sea!” he replied.

Truth is, Jim chooses to build boats because boat building is a tradition passed down from his grandfather to his father, and to him. He hopes to carry on the tradition, but doubts he will be able to.

“But Gramps, dere ain’t no fish anymore, deys all caught, dey sed so on da TV!”

Jim knows better, but boat building is the only thing this old ‘Newf’ knows. He’ll keep building them.

This little tale of outport Newfoundland  is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.


11 thoughts on “‘e still builds da boats, bye

  1. Dear S+B,

    Lovely dialog and colloquialisms. Is that a true to life patois or did you invent it. What is a Newf? A native of Newfoundland? Great tale of tradition and change.



    1. Newf is short (or slang) for Newfoundlander, and the dialogue is indeed accurate. Every community on the island seems to have it’s own dialect. Thanks for reading!

  2. Dear SNB,

    The use of dialect adds charm to your cute story. However, i have to ask if it’s supposed to be told in the past or present tense? I got confused.



    1. This is part of our dialect. If you spoke to a true Newfoundlander, you would not only find a mixture of past and present tense, you would find a huge helping of pronouns.

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