Three dogs

1661915_10154832678985123_791877687067291139_nPeople say “Wow, three dogs! That must be so cool” While they are loveable, having three dogs can certainly be demanding. For instance, when I crawl out of bed at 6 a.m. and attempt to get ready for work, and of course all three of them have to go outside to do their business! This is okay on weekdays, but they know no weekends. so its the crack of dawn for me EVERY day! …and then, before I get my breakfast, they are ALL hungry…so feed them or they drive me insane by  crying. I know, I know, I should be stronger and do the dog whisperer thingy and make them respect me….but this is hard when everyone else in the house is trying to sleep and the dogs are whimpering and barking. so I feed them. They have me well trained! Same thing when I get home from work. First one up and the first one home….so let us out, our bladders are going to explode and we are starving, so feed us…NOW! Alas, the barking and whimpering doesn’t work this time. Nobody home by me, so barking won’t wake anyone…so bark on. But the soft spot in my heart realizes that they have been in the house all day, never destroyed anything (major), and perhaps they really are hungry. So I feed them before working on getting supper for everyone else. All this while Marley, (the year and a half old Sheltie) brings me my slippers (slightly chewed, but what dog can resist chewing just a bit), boots brings a tennis ball, (he is the one in the front, a mixed breed, and most loveable and sook of them all), and Halle, the Pomeranian…you know what they are like…bark bark bark…but since she is 7 years old and only 3.5 lbs…she is almost cute enough to get away with it. 10399990_10154844521550123_7011101043178091156_n

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