Today’s Author: Vanessa Bites

…’Feeling the stares of everyone around her, she closed her eyes, took a bite, and imagined she was eating imported chocolate’; but it wasn’t chocolate, it was the neck of her closest friend Alice.

The Vampire club was a prestigious group of freaks who have been gathering together on Alabama Heights since the ’60’s. At first, they were organized to celebrate the old Hammer films of yesteryear, but lately the group has become so much more.

Alice let out a scream as Vanessa’s teeth tore flesh from her neck. Blood gushed as her former ‘bestie’ ended her life quickly.

“Geesh, you aren’t supposed to actually ‘bite’ her, just pretend. More of a sucking than a biting!” said Thelma, the group leader. After all, they weren’t actually vampires, just horror movie fans.

As the group looked down at Alice, now motionless on the floor, they wondered what would come next.

“We never actually killed anyone before” said Ruthie, her long red hair dangling messy on her head. “But you know what? It is quite cool!”

With that, the group members knelt next to Alice’s bloody body. They took turns drinking blood until their faces dripped red.

On that night, the Vampires of Alabama Heights became true blood suckers.

Today’s Author is a site that promotes good writing. This story is my entry into this week’s challenge.


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