Friday Fictioneers:Dead Flowers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Janet Webb
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Janet Webb

dead flowers

that’s what he gave her

taken from the graveyard.

not much of a gift from a man who promised more.

But she accepted them, and smiled, in fear

“it’s not the gift,

but the thought

that counts”

he said, before he took advantage of her


that’s what happens when your spouse

is chosen before you are born.

you are his

he is yours

from this day forward

and forever on.

When he finished

she showered

because she felt dirty

then she put the dead flowers

in a vase

for him to brag about

when his friends visited.

This is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers:Dead Flowers

  1. Dear S+B,

    A grim tale well told. If I were a woman and in an unsatisfactory arranged marriage I w believe I’d become an expert on poisons. Very good work.



  2. I like Doug’s comment above. Go to the library and read up on poisons. Maybe some of the flowers he brings her would make good garnishment for his soup and soul. Creepy but good! Nan 🙂

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