Tearing down walls

Sunday Photo Fiction
Sunday Photo Fiction

I have been building walls all my life. My reasons at the time were unknown, but now I know. It’s all about self preservation. Don’t let anyone in, nobody gets hurt. Great plan. At least I thought it was a great plan.

Why face a problem when you can run in the opposite direction? The world has enough problems, why add to them? That’s why I built the walls. Twenty years of wall building and I thought I was pretty safe. Who wouldn’t?

My plan grew a snag when she came along. She wouldn’t let me push back. Don’t worry, I am still trying, especially whenever a challenge comes along, but she is strong, and she pushes right back.

She came along and showed me a different way. Instead of running in the opposite direction, she taught me to run at the problem head on. This new knowledge has allowed me to achieve so much. It has allowed me to be here right now. It allows me to share the secret with you.

Tearing the walls down was as much work as it was building them in the first place. Brick by brick, she helped me tear the walls down. You know what? The view out here is a whole lot better now that I can see the light.


This little piece of self examination is brought to you courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction.

3 thoughts on “Tearing down walls

  1. Yep, walls are a nice safety barrier. Problem is, in keeping others out, it also keeps you in. If you’re going to break down the walls, make sure you also throw away your trowel 🙂

  2. Exactly what Lyn has said. I think you can get so settled behind your wall that you really think you have no need to look over the top. Nice piece.

  3. Walls aren’t there to keep us in, they are too see who cares enough to get over them.

    I like this story. Very touching. Thank you for taking part again

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