Sunday Photo Fiction: looking for the light


Billy Chanting spent his entire life trying to get to Heaven, and for that, he spent most of his days in hell. You see, Billy dealt with schizophrenia for most of his adult life. He heard ‘voices’ that told him to do terrible things, and thinking it was the blessed Lord’s voice, he listened. Maybe that was the reason why he spent the last few years of his life behind bars, mostly in solitary confinement.

His rap sheet was endless; in his thirty years of life, he took so many. He murdered small children, pregnant mothers, and even a priest or two, all claiming to be upon the orders of God himself. He said that the children were spawns of the devil, and he had to rid the world of them before they grew and spread evil throughout. He claimed that the three pregnant mothers were to give birth to the anti-Christ, so he took their lives before they could do so. The priests he killed were apparently spreading blasphemy across the world.

One fateful day, when his sentence finally came to an end, Billy Chanting was set free.  When they opened the doors of the prison, Billy finally seen the light, and headed directly into its direction. “God, take me. I have lived my life doing your bidding. I am ready” he said.

Trouble was, the ‘light’ he seen wasn’t the light of God, but instead, the lights of a prison bus. He was killed instantly, with a huge smile on his face.

The story of good and evil is my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: looking for the light

  1. More, ‘It’s true, I promise you?’ Did you intend, ‘One fateful day? Works either way, and well told. Met a woman from Stephenville in the doctor’s office yesterday, but she got called before I could get her name. 😀

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