Friday Fictioneers: Dan the motorman


Dan was quite the mechanic. He could fix virtually anything. Despite his teachers claiming he was a genius, he quit school in the fifth grade. He went  from the books to motors, developing his craft quickly.

In a time before Car flip television shows, Stan bought pieces of junk and built them into classics, and sold them for profits.

About the only thing Dan couldn’t do fix was his temptation for video lottery machines. These things took him over, and in no time at all, he had lost his wife, his family and even his home…and eventually he even lost his garage.

This true story is my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Dan the motorman

  1. Dear SNB,

    Sorry to hear this is a true story. Everything is grist for the mill, isn’t it?

    I think you either mean, “his teachers saw genius” or “had seen genius.”

    Nicely done.



  2. Dear SnB,

    That this is a true story is sad and telling. The world is a hard place to get by in. Lots of temptations and few people to stop you and say, don’t go this way…. As if we’d listen anyway. Very good use of this unfortunate turn of events. if even one person can see him or herself in it, then some good will have come out of it. Well done.



  3. So sad — a terrible addiction — but a great write you’ve shared with us.

    Reminds me of a statistics professor in college — pretty much the same scenario — was living in the off-campus housing because he’d lost his family, home, and all his possessions due to gambling. A statistics professor! Of all people, he should have known better …..

  4. So sad, the effects of addiction and how it can impact on someones/family life. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you didn’t inherit those genes. You can make the most of your genius side!

  5. I was thinking this sounded too realistic, which makes sense when you said it was a true story. I watched a news clip about gambling that said that video gambling is by far the biggest moneymaker for the lotteries. It’s sad.

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