its all in how you look at it

Earlier today my wife mentioned how she would like to be able to write like I do. She was amazed that I could look at a picture and come up with a story so quickly.

I felt that this would be a good time to get her  input. I asked her to take a long look at the picture prompt and tell me what she saw. I added that I would then try to write a story based on what she seen. I should have thought this through before offering.

When she looked at the picture, she said that she seen a penis, a knife, and a hummingbird. I know, my work would be cut out for me.

This is my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.


There once was a little hummingbird named Percy. Percy looked exactly like his friends except for the fact that he had a giant penis. Having a giant penis made it very difficult to fly, and because of this, Percy was often the butt of everyone’s jokes. When he couldn’t take the teasing any longer,  he made up his mind to cut the damn thing off.

He was very scared about doing such a thing to his giant penis, but on one freezing cold day, he got up the nerve to do it. Unfortunately for Percy, it had began to rain the same instant that he cut the thing off. The rain turned to ice, and Percy, the knife, and his giant penis froze to the fence.

The End….



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