Velvet Verbosity : One Saucy Cat!

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

That old cat was some brazen! He would stroll around the house as if he owned the place. Once, he left and visited my neighbour. Her door was open at the time, so he went inside, flipped open the door of the bird cage, and took her budgie.

When we got home, we found him perched high on the back of mom’s favourite chair, eating what was left of my neighbour’s bird. Several bits of colourful feathers covered the seat, and when he finished the pretty pet, he jumped playfully to the floor and proceeded to play with the feathers.


This is my entry into Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word this week is Perched. Check out the link for more stories.

P.S. for my earlier post, Beware of Jackson Falls, check out this link. I compiled all the episodes into one post.


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