Dumb TV Show Review #1: Resurrection

Just watched the latest episode of Resurrection. I am still waiting for the show to start to make sense. I think I am in for a long wait!

Last year, the show began with a kid coming up to an elderly couple’s door. When the door was opened, the couple were surprised to find that the kid at the door was their son….who died over 40 years ago. He was still dressed in the same clothing he died in. Trouble was, he was still a kid. (the afterlife must have a limited supply of clothing)

Later on, other people came back to life as well. These people are like ‘friendly zombies’. The one thing that bothers me with the story is that someone can come back to life after dying in the 1930’s and not be amazed with the changes in the world since they kicked the bucket.

The other thing that bothers me is why they are coming back…or how. This has never been touched. The show is like a zombie (albeit friendly zombie) soap opera. There is even one zombie who is pregnant, just like she was when her car left the road and she died. Tough baby!

Omar Epps, the fine surgeon from the House M.D. television show is the star of this show, and just recently the poor man was shot to death. Fear not though, he came right back to life in a matter of days. Was he ever surprised to find out that he had died. Big shock I would imagine!

There are government organizations involved, they seem to be made out as the bad guys. What other tv show makes heroes out of the dead and criminals out of the living?

This ain’t no Walking Dead!!!

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