Morning people


My wife doesn’t understand me. She can’t understand how I can wake up five minutes before the alarm rings in the morning (6:30 a.m.) and hop out of the bed and get ready and eat and drive 45 minutes across a highway filled with moose and even worse moose hunters and still be early for work. See how much energy I have? Not even a comma in that splurge of words.

She really cannot understand how on Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings and on holidays how I can be up at 6:30 a.m. and have breakfast cooked and be wide awake before she is even thinking of waking up.

I explain to her that I am a morning person.

Morning people have all this energy early in the morning and it bothers the hell out of non morning people. I literally bounce off the walls with just five or so hours of healthy sleep. Any more is a waste of a day! I know, annoying, huh?

Morning people have a difficult time understanding non morning people. Get out of bed and stop wasting the day away! I could say that, but I do enjoy being married…and living…


One thought on “Morning people

  1. I am a morning person as well. Especially on weekends, when laundry and shopping are done by 10am, with cleaning and cooking not far behind – this gives me the rest of the day to relax!

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