still in the game


Meet Farzana. Farzana is one little person who has never let her size stop her. At merely a 6 inches tall, most of her friends laughed at her when she took claim as the best  player in the game. Despite having to walk nearly twenty footsteps from block to block, she never quit and still enjoys playing.

In her sixty plus years of playing, Farzana’s record was nearly perfect.Throughout the years, in fact, Farzana has managed to beat opponents ten times her size with ease.

Though no longer the ‘spring chicken’, Farzana still excels in her favorite game of ‘Hop Scotch’.

Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site, and use her Wednesday picture to create a complete story in 100 words.

9 thoughts on “still in the game

  1. Land of the giants is a story I almost told. I could not however find the words to do my almost story justice. Therefore I trod a different path. You on the other hand, found the inspiration, and light-hearted it was. Good job.

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