The walls of the old retirement home echoed in quietness. Not a sound in any of the fifty or so rooms on either side of the hallway. It was as if the old place had finally been abandoned. Except for one room that is. In this room, wicked laughter and evil lurked…

Surprisingly, most of the racket came from one room; a room that housed Marlene Jennings, an 85 year old retiree who simply sat and did a jigsaw puzzle. At first glance, this may have seemed so innocent, but if you knew Marlene, or Lena as she was known to her few friends, you would simply know better.

Her craggy old fingers pressed the tiny knobs together creating her own works of art. Some of the puzzles that she had finished adorned the walls of her tiny room, and upon further inspection of the subject matter, one would cringe in terror.

The puzzles, which were assembled and then glued to cardboard and then framed, depicted images of true terror, from men and women being tortured to soldiers being beheaded. Some even showed massive murder scenes of families and innocent children.

The picture she was putting together today was much worst than any of her previous puzzles. The image showed a set of shoulders and the back of someone’s head. In front of the person sat a laptop. On the laptop, the image of a wordpress blog page titled ‘Puzzled’. Oh, I forgot to mention….the person’s throat was cut by a piece of piano wire. It lay next to the victim, on the floor. You are wondering who the victim is? Think about it for a minute. Who else but the reader of this blog post….HAhahaha….

The laughter again filled the rooms of The Lost Souls Retirement Home.

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