The Secret Part IV

The noise of his footsteps still haven’t changed. All those years ago I used to be terrified of their sound, and now is no different. I shudder to think what will happen to me if he finds me here. I move further into the cage. Once my home for that horrid weekend, now my refuge.

Clop Clop Clop CLOP! The sound of his boots hitting the hardwood floor are now deafening to my ears. The entire room is filled by the echo of those boots. The same boots that kicked me in my groin when I tried to get away. Or at least they sound like the same boots. Some things you never forget.

“ANYONE IN HERE” he yells. That voice! It’s him again. He is within a few feet of me. As much as I pray that he doesn’t turn the light on, he does just that.

“What do we have here?” he says, as he peers into the cage. I feel like a trapped animal, ready to be slaughtered. He kicks the door shut, locking me in this prison.

“You stay there until I get back. What’s this? You have something. Hand it over!” he yells.

When I refuse to give it up, he stabs me with the end of the broom handle. The tape falls from my hands.

“This is why you broke into my home? For this? You risk prison for this? Do you know what you have here?”

I pray that he doesn’t show me. I don’t think I could witness my suffering again. He used to play the movie for me when I was young and when I was his captive.

He lay the video on the counter and left the room. In minutes he returns.

“The house is tightly secured now. Nobody to bother us. Its just you and me. Just like the old days. I could call a few friends over, but these days I have too much to lose than to trust just anybody. Besides, I paid them dearly for their promise. Many of my former friends wouldn’t want to be associated with this tape.”

With that, he dusts off an old VCR machine and inserts the tape. His television is old and I secretly pray that it doesn’t work, but since today is NOT my day, the thing springs to life. I close my eyes so that I don’t have to watch, but I have to know what I was stealing.

He turns the movie on and it is exactly the same as I remember. The horror of a young child being forced to do these things…I hold my breath so that I will pass out and I do… he watches.



The new family hurry to make an offer. The previous owner left suddenly, claimed to have a family emergency in another state.

Bob and Kathy Sterling, the newest owners of the house are excited to move into their dream home. Sure it needs some work, but for the most part, it is in amazing shape for such an old house.

With old houses come strange noises. The first few nights that Bob and Kathy stay in the house, they are awakened by a noise from the basement. Each night they go down and check it out, and of course they find nothing. Just the house moving or maybe a mouse. Eventually the noise goes away, followed by a dreary smell, like that of a rotting corpse. The Sterlings don’t keep the old place for very long. The house changes hands many times until one day, someone decides to tear down the basement wall.

With that, they find a large cage, probably meant for a dog or other pet. The cage’s contents are not anything dog related however. They contain the bones of a man, possibly in his late teens or early twenties.


This little tale explains how not all stories end on a good note. My idea for the story came from an experience I had a few weeks ago. Like in Part II of the story, I explained how a small child approached a gas station attendant for the use of a phone.  This indeed did happen. I was the gas station attendant. Fortunately for this child, the old man who offered him a ride really did bring him home. But what if he didn’t?

Mom’s and Dads, try to explain to your kids the dangers of getting into cars of people that they don’t know. I recently had a conversation with my own child. I asked him if he was down town and it began to rain or snow heavily and he needed a ride, would he go with someone who claimed to be a kind person and who promised his safety. He thought for a minute and said that he would rather walk home in the rain or snow than risk being taken by that person. Maybe he gets it. I Hope you enjoyed this little tale and that it doesn’t keep you up late at night.

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