The Secret: Part I

As the fireworks lit up the sky, a certain individual was planning his next move. He knew that most of the residents of Holy Harbour would be busy staring up at the night sky, which gave him plenty of time to enter their homes and take what was rightfully his…or at least that’s how he looked at it.

At just thirty years of age, Thomas Keeping was an expert at picking locks, and the lock on his latest home was a piece of cake.

After entering the old house, Thomas used his tiny LED flashlight to search the joint. He knew that if they had what he was looking for, it would certainly be hidden in a good spot. He avoided the common hiding places such as under beds, in closets, and in wall safes. This thing would be hidden in a spot where the police and other law enforcement officers would not look; primarily due to the content of the object.

Steve Kenning was considered a leader in the community. He owned several successful businesses and right now, he was serving as the judge for the entire area. To say that this guy held a ton of respect would be an understatement to say the least.  Steve practically held the key to the city. If he only knew that little Tommy Keeping was at his house right now, he would probably take his second heart attack in just six months.

After opening the closet door in the master bedroom, Thomas found a small hatch cut into the floor. Opening the hatch, he climbed down the creaky latter and onto a platform at the bottom. The air in the room smelled musty, and familiar.

After all those years, that smell was still there.

Using his trusty flashlight, he shun the beam from one wall to the next, scouring for something. Without success, he left that room and headed into the adjoining room. In this room, a cabinet was locked with a padlock. Using a crowbar that he carried in his backpack, Thomas pried the lock until it broke. He fumbled to open the doors, and then he stepped back. His knees weakened as he looked upon his prey.

Three trips to Juvy when he was a kid and two terms in the federal pen was worth it. He finally found it. He held it in his hands and nearly dropped the thing. Couldn’t drop it, he needed it as proof.

As he held his treasure, he thought that he heard something upstairs. Did he turn the light on? Did he remember to lock the door? At this point, he couldn’t remember. He took his newly found treasure and hid it in his backpack. He closed the cabinet doors and forced the lock back together best he could. Then he headed down the dark hallway and into another room. His light revealed a cage. He crawled in and shut the door. Everything was dark and silent as the noise upstairs began to move closer. Footsteps cracked on the hardwood floor upstairs as Thomas’ heart began to beat. Like thunder, the beats drowned out everything in the room.

“…Anyone down there?” The voice was all too familiar.


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