After Zion

On the coldest night in years, he  held her in his arms. despite the frigid temperatures, her skin  was warm to  touch. Taking her head between his  huge hands, he whispered into her ear. “I love you more than life itself. You will  be going soon, to a place much  better than this horrible existence we live  in”…..

and  with that,  he firmly twisted her head, breaking her tiny neck. He laid her lifeless body under a rotting tree, and walked away. His feet squished in the slimy underbrush and in moments, he was gone.

You ever see an entire field filled with bright yellow dandelions? How about a bright blue sky? Quite the sight for sure. Lilly Thuckerfield never seen such a sight in all her twelve years on the planet Zion, that was for sure, but she was seeing them now.

Laying in the field with her mind filled with all the horror she experienced in her relatively short life on  Zion, she was in amazement. The smells, the gentle breeze, she truly was in a much better place. Her dad was right.

Once the initial feelings of enlightenment ended, Lily attempted to get up and have a better  look around, but that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon… longer was she a muscular twelve year old Zion woman. She was but a nine pound infant…helpless and alone. She let out a cry, and was surprised that she could no longer speak. What in the name of Zion was going on…and where (or who) was she?


to be continued..

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