After Zion…Part II

the sky held it’s grey color today, not an ounce of light shone, which was probably for the best. Lucien didn’t want to see anything cheerful anyway. His pride in joy was gone from his life forever, and he was the one who ended it.

Sweat and rain soaked his clothing as he trudged along the narrow road that led to the bunker where the others lived. In his hands he yielded an ax-like weapon, his focus on one thing,  taking the head of their leader. At least this way he could justify killing the only thing he had to live for in this God Forsaken bitch of a planet. Hell is the only way to describe this place.

Beheading those bastards will ensure that they will never be able to do harm to his lovely Lilly. Once a head has been severed, Zions can no longer leave the planet and emerge in The Living Fields where he sent his beloved.  Lucien was determined to make  sure none of those monsters reach the heavenly land.

Given the dark dismal evening sky, the trip to the front door of the bunker was relatively easy to access. A few swings of his ax and no  longer did he have to worry about the guards at the door.  When he reached the entry to the Center Room, he realized that his appearance was anything but a surprise.

Lucien spent most of the night in shackles; his head fixed to a makeshift chopping log. He remembers passing out as the ax did its job on him. From then, everything should have ended….but it didn’t…..

To  be continued….

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