Spring has sprung…I think

Spring is here! It’s just buried under ten feet of snow. Despite being buried this year, March 20 still gave me hope that maybe the winter may eventually end….

This winter was heralded as ‘an old fashioned Newfoundland Winter’. I totally agree with that statement, except for one thing…we Newfies have softened over the years.

When I was a kid, winters began in November and ended somewhere near the end of May. And talk about snow! We had snowstorms almost every day. I remember on one occasion my mom warned me that if I were to go outside, be careful not to touch the bottom power line! We really had snowbanks that high.

Nowadays, when the snow blows a bit, they call it snow sqalls and cancel school. We never heard of a snow squall when I was a kid. We had days where it snowed, and days when it snowed more. On the ones that snowed more, they actually brought us to school, and then worked hard to return us home on the bus. Kids these days  wouldn’t last a minute in the winters I grew up in….and  I walked to school, two miles, uphill both ways….that’s what my mom used to tell me. I guess I was weak when compared to my mom and dad when they were kids.

Today was the first day warm enough to take the dogs outside and play. We had -25 last night, so the snow has a nice hard crust on it, perfect for giving the dogs a good run. I even seen a few kids outside this morning. Their video games must have broke!

Anyway, soon enough that horrible white stuff will be gone, replaced by green  lawns and fishing trips….can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Spring has sprung…I think

  1. Years ago, Ontario had plows with wing blades that raised 6/8 feet, to push back the tops of huge roadside banks, but they’re long gone. We had a five minute squall yesterday so heavy I couldn’t see across the street, but today there’s two feet of lawn at the edge of the driveway, that will need raking soon. Oh yeah, c’mon spring. 😯

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