an overdue tribute

A bright young man

raised in a small  town

in Newfoundland

His future was bright

no end in sight

he left home for the big city

This was 1950

Hey there Matey

He joined the Navy

and quickly became a man

On the Canadian Warship Athabaskan 

Being green and too shy

he hung with the wrong group of guys

They used his naivety as a distraction

They barred him in the hold

for three days I was told

causing the young man pain and grief

he questioned his sanity and beliefs.

sitting alone in the dark

without even a spark

lots can happen to a man’s mind that way

Years of counselling at hospitals and the VA

on drug and shock therapy that was experimental

one day he left the hospital

He returned to the island, to start a new life

in a few years he met his wife

He got a job with the railway

and passed the days away

and for once, he enjoyed his life

but bouts of depression

and drugs set to stimulate

or even manipulate

the very thoughts that haunted his sleep.

Regular visits to the doctor

took away his honor

When nothing worked, he hit a wall

Tried twice to end  it all

or to get someone to listen to his Plea

and then finally, a doc from the other side of the world figured it out


and all of a sudden he got help

and with this new found peace

his life took a new lease

a chance to live happily

and he settled down and had a family

to his three daughters he gave the world

but would not utter a word

about his past in the Canadian Navy

or his being considered ‘crazy’.

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