Crazy Billy and the Aliens

I woke up early this morning, fresh out of some strange dream. I got up and had to write this crazy story down. Last time I eat spicy food before bedtime!

Billy Borden  was a young man who always had questions for his ma. He used to wonder why the townspeople called him crazy.

When Billy was young, Aliens took his pa away. He remembers playing in the kitchen with his little brother when suddenly a large brass container appeared between the stove and the wall. He remembers his little brother going close to the object and a door opening. Billy can still remember that day.  In fear for the smallest child, Billy’s dad pulled the baby from the opening and went in himself. The door closed, and the thing disappeared, taking his father away forever. The aliens came back one night and took his little brother too.

Billy still remembers posting signs on the wall, begging the aliens to return his dad. He spent so many nights staring at the night sky, wishing those horrible creatures would bring his father home to him and his ma. Oh, they took his kid brother as well!

Growing up wasn’t easy for Billy, who was treated as a nutcase by the people in town. Everyone sang the same song, Crazy Billy and the aliens. This made Billy ashamed, and eventually he became a shut in. Now at twenty four, Billy met a girl. She had been working with the town nurse, visiting homes and vaccinating kids for some disease. Billy was smitten with the young lass, and the two of them hit it off.

Everything was going great until she asked Billy why his mother lived alone. Billy’s reply? “Dad was taken by aliens!” Cathy laughed in his face. “Aliens, c’mon, I was just curious, you don’t have to tell the truth, but aliens?”

With this, Billy ran away from the girl and home to his now aging mother. “Mom, how did Daddy really die? Did Aliens really take him away?” he asked.

His old mother took Billy in her arms and began to cry. With that, Billy screamed at the ceiling. “Damn aliens, why did you take daddy?”

His mother held him tightly. “Ellen Colson” she said.

Ellen Colson was a lady who lived a few houses down the road. Her house still stands, now in ruins. A long abandoned shack on the side of the road.

“Ellen Colson? Did aliens take her as well? Those damn aliens” Billy shouted.

“No aliens Billy, it was just easier to tell you back then. You remember Ellen, don’t you? Pretty lady, never went nowhere, and suddenly she was having a baby? It was your fathers baby. He and Ellen had the baby and expected me to raise it. You never had a little brother, at least I didn’t give birth to him. He was the son of your father, your half- brother. The son of a bitch expected to bring his mistress and THEIR child to live with the two of us. At first I went along, mostly out of fear that he would beat me. When I could no longer take the lies, I kicked your father and his slutty mistress out of the house, along with the child. That damn kid, couldn’t look at the little bastard. That’s what made me so bitter.

I couldn’t tell you what your father was. You were so young, I knew it would hurt you, so I made up the alien story.

“Mom! All those years. All the time being picked on for believing that dad was taken by creatures from the sky. Always wondering what happened to my little brother. I thought they took him too. Being called Crazy Billy. You could have told me the truth, you should have!” Billy pleaded, tears in his eyes.

“I could have, and should have. I guess all this time I didn’t want to believe it myself.  I have letters that he wrote, and I did send him pictures, but I wouldn’t let him come see you, and I never spoke to him face to face since he left.”

“What about the big column that appeared and took him? Was that made up too?”

“You don’t remember the old stove. It was so long ago. We had a hot water tank hooked to the wood stove. It was always red hot. We told you guys not to touch it, or you would get hurt. That was the thing you remember as the space ship that took your dad.” She explained

“Oh Ma” Billy cried as he held his mother in his arms. “I love you, always have. I know how you feel, somehow it is easier to remember dad as the wonderful man who was taken by aliens. At least now I can stop waiting for them to bring him back.”

2 thoughts on “Crazy Billy and the Aliens

  1. The last time?! This is a great vivid dream – whether you had to fill in a few blanks or not, you put out something enjoyable here.

    May I suggest a chocolate dipped jalapeno each night for dessert?

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