The floorboards creaked with our every step, as we attempted to quietly maneuver throughout the old house. The only light is a beam of light seeping in from a cracked window, the light filled with dust particles. On the table, beneath several layers of dirt and cobwebs sat on a few once coveted items. I picked up an i-Pad 6 and blew the dust off the thing, revealing an engraving on the back. ‘To My Darling Eileen, The daughter of my dreams’.

In the living room things were much the same. A large television, perhaps measuring 90 inches or more hung on the wall, dust and cobwebs almost enveloping it completely. The once lavish chesterfield set sat against the back wall, the material now tattered from the chewings of some rodent, perhaps a rat.

Rats ran abundant here now, the new owners of the once prized home. Other homes along the street suffered a similar fate, as the owners quickly left to seek refuge in other locations.

I attempted to scale the stairway that led to the bedrooms, but my journey was quickly halted when the first step gave way, causing my foot to fall beneath the boards, tearing my flesh. With fresh blood came the rats, as rabid and dangerous as you could imagine. My friend quickly bandaged my leg with a piece of cloth that she found on the table. “This will keep you safe from the vermin, but be careful!” she warned.

With that, we journaled our findings and moved to the next house. We had to find out why all those people left; that way, we might be able to discover where our own families went.

It wasn’t always this way. This town  was once a beautiful place to live. Trees and shrubbery once adorned front lawns, and homes were proudly kept by the people who lived in them. Now the place looks as if it were abandoned hundreds of years ago. If that was only the case. Just one year ago, Cambridgetown was as it were in my dreams. Something caused this, and we were going to find out  just what it was.

to be continued…..

2 thoughts on “abandoned

    1. not sure what you mean….this is more in the lines of Stunderdale…not sure you know what that means….our premier is trying to promote the new hydro electric plant that will cost taxpayers millions….and suddenly we are experiencing ‘rolling blackouts’…something we have never dealt with before, and coincidentally, she says..”see how much we need the new power plant’….suspicious if you ask me

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