Trifecta Week 108: A Newfie Christmas poem

This Christmas poem is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word is
1a : a man who has begotten a child; also : sire
b capitalized (1) : god 1 (2) : the first person of the Trinity
2: forefather
3a : one related to another in a way suggesting that of father to child  
b : an old man —used as a respectful form of address

This year we celebrated Christmas with the folks here at home

Father made his famous rabbit pie, better watch out for the bones

Later on that night, we visited my sister and her kids

we talked about our wonderful day and all the things that we did

The mummers are at the door

looking for a drink

And while sitting by the wood stove, it gave me time to think

of Christmases past and present

and the ones that will soon be

brought a tear to my eye, so proud to be Newfie

There’s nothing like a Newfoundland Christmas

Come here and  you will see.

3 thoughts on “Trifecta Week 108: A Newfie Christmas poem

  1. AFrankAngle just had a post about mummers in Ohio, marching in parades, all in matching costumes, like cheerleaders at a football game. I told him about folks like you and KJ mumming a bit differently, less organized, more alcoholised. 😀

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