Trifecta 103: The Triple T Killer

As I listened to the old man, I was amazed how he recalled specific details of each of his murders. He told me stories that made my skin crawl. If given the chance, there wasn’t a minute that I wouldn’t have ended his miserable life.

His craggy old face was filled with wrinkles, each with a story of their own, not an ounce of guilt or remorse for any of them. He  recited from memory horror story after horror story, each more graphic than the last.

It was as if his murders were trophies, as if the stories were told so that we would remember all the things he had done, and somehow  I was helping him do just that.

The one that stood out the most was the story of Samuel Smith. Sam was a family man who made  the ultimate sacrifice. Triple T told how he held Sam’s wife and kids captive for fifty days, and how on the last  days, he denied them both food and water. He laughed when he told of how desperate Sam was, how he offered himself in exchange for his family.

Terrance T. Tompkins explained how it all played out, how at first Sam actually believed that he would make the exchange, and how the father of four then watched each of his beloved suffer an untimely death, and how Sam would be left to live on without them. This made Terrance proud. Plagued with guilt, Sam later took his own life. “He didn’t deserve to live, the worthless coward, offering his pathetic life for theirs. He should have upped the ante, maybe offer up a few more victims.” With that, he burst into laughter.

I almost felt guilty publishing his words. The book hit the best sellers list the minute it was published. Thanks to me, the world will never forget The Triple T Killer; some will even honor him as a hero.

This fictional story is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. the word is Remember (to keep in mind for attention or consideration)

3 thoughts on “Trifecta 103: The Triple T Killer

  1. Terrible to see evil getting more attention and “name” than the good souls but that is how we human beings are-just watch the news channels-read the newspapers-all full of dark,wicked deeds being mentioned and we the ghouls thriving on such news!A great take on he prompt:-)

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