a lesson in manners

At work the other day a rushy customer came into the store.  The guy was very ignorant and rude. He asked for Studio Blue, a brand of cigarettes. Because of the crowd in the store and the way in which he spoke, I didn’t understand him. I asked “the red or the blue”, to which he replied “The blue ones on the right, are you Fucking Blind?”

I remained calm and while removing both my hearing aids, I responded “No sir, I am deaf.”

His face quickly grew very long and it looked like he shrunk in his shoes.  He said nothing, paid for his cigarettes and left the store.

The next morning he came back. He reached out to shake my hand and apologized. “I am so sorry for being so rude to you. I had no idea that you were deaf, and you were more than courteous to me, despite my terrible behaviour. I spent most of last night awake, feeling terrible for what I said. You, Sir, taught me a valuable lesson; never again shall I lose my temper and harass a hard working person…..” Ya Right!!  Even if I didn’t suffer from hearing loss, he shouldn’t be treating people that way. Some people just don’t get it.


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