Seasonal Change


Our crazy house just got crazier! Last Thursday a tiny, starving kitten made it’s way into our house and into our lives. The little thing ate practically everything we threw at it and then made his mark in the household. At first we worried about the kitten, who we first named Emily, and then discovered a certain body part we overlooked, and then had his name changed to Chance. No worries about the little guy, he can take care of himself.

We figure he is about ten weeks old, and from what we see, it looks as if he was abandoned only recently.  His claws were groomed and he was very clean. He did, however, have eating problems. He didn’t know how to eat hard food. Perhaps he was weaned from the mother and then dropped off in the community where I live. That happens a lot around here. People clear their conscience by abandoning their pets in rural areas rather than bring the animal to the local SPACA or SPCA. Our of sight/out of mind I guess. I have so little respect for people like that.

The dogs think he is a plaything, and he really doesn’t seem to mind. If only people could get along so well.

There were other changes in our home as well. I took a job at a local gas/convenience store. 40 hours on my feet per week. It  will take  some getting used to, and my blog will no doubt suffer, but with a wedding on the way next summer, some extra cash will come in handy. I will be here whenever I get a chance, either to post my latest story or to read some of the fine work that is presented by the very talented writers on my blogroll.

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Change

  1. Chance is one lucky guy. He’s found a good home.

    Good luck with your new job. Wear good socks and you’ll be fine. I’m sure you’re going to get some great inspirations there.

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