don’t throw away that old appliance…

Don’t throw away that old shower head or the old ceiling fan that started giving you trouble, call the manufacturer and you will be amazed at how quickly they want to help you out.

A while ago, my lady and I purchased a Danze Shower Kit, which included the shower head, and the faucet kit. We paid a fair amount for the thing, I think it was about $110 for the entire unit. We bought it from Canadian Tire. I wanted to keep the box it came in, but my lady found it and threw it out. She figured that a shower head and faucet kit should live forever. She was wrong.

The damn tap began dripping last fall; the thing nearly drove me nuts. Drip Drip Drip, the thing seemed to get louder at night, when I tried to sleep. I tried tightening the handle, no avail. I tried shutting the bathroom door, but somehow I still knew it was leaking. When we couldn’t take it any longer, we decided to buy another one and replace it.

We went to our local Canadian Tire store with the intention  of a new purchase, but when I sparked a conversation with one of the service reps, I mentioned that our tap was leaking. Right away, he asked whether it was a Danze model. When I verified that it was, he called the manufacturer, and was told that there is a shower cartridge that plugs when used with ‘hard water’, which we have here. The company agreed to send us a new unit, despite not having the sales receipt or the box. The rep said that the unit has a lifetime warranty, and anytime it is not working satisfactorily, we should call the company. In two days we received an express post package with the new unit. A few minutes with a wrench and presto, a non-leaking faucet and a great night’s sleep. Who knew?

Just the other day, our ceiling fan went on the blink. Again, we paid a fair amount for the thing, which was one of those ‘hugger’ models that sit on the ceiling. This one even had a remote control that allowed you to dim the lights, or choose from three fan speeds. The thing started acting up by automatically dimming the lights or even shutting off after a few minutes of use, which got pretty much annoying.

Yesterday I spent about two hours taking the thing down, checking the wires, replacing marettes, taping wires and checking voltages, before reassembling the thing and trying it. Same thing.  I was ready to chuck the thing when my brother dropped by. “Its the little black box inside the unit. It shorts out and dims the light for no reason. I had the same problem. Google it and see!” he said.

I did it. I found an article where someone else had the same problem. I found an 1-800 number, called and explained my problem. When the rep asked if I had my receipt, I told her no. My lady again. “Who would expect a fan to give out?” she doesn’t learn!

The rep said that the unit had a small black box that limited voltage, and  that it breaks often. She said that it was too bad that I didn’t have my sales receipt, because I would have to pay for the part. I was thinking, I paid $99 for the unit,  how much could a little black box cost. She said it was 298. I was outraged. I said  “$298? The entire fan only cost a hundred bucks. She laughed. “Not two hundred and ninety eight, two dollars and ninety eight cents”

I started laughing. “Send the thing, I rather pay $2.98 than another hundred or more bucks”. It should arrive in a few days.

Now I think I will go out to the garage and dig out that old Simoniz Pressure Washer. The thing has been on the blink for quite some time. All I have to do is find the phone number to the manufacturer and see what happens from there.


3 thoughts on “don’t throw away that old appliance…

  1. Good Deal! (I’m like your girl – I just toss everything out – I see it’s worth checking other options first!)

  2. Unlike cars, where the government forces them to recall, some manufacturers Know they’ve screwed up, but only provide free or cheap replacement to those who complain. I have Moen faucets in the kitchen sink and upstairs shower. Moen will replace the control stem forever, but you have to do the work. I can replace the one in the sink, although last time I got it in backwards, and had to dis- and then reassemble. The one in the shower requires a specialized puller – $45, or call a plumber. 😦

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