Random stuff about our dogs

My buddy is a sex maniac! He brags that he and his missus enjoy ‘Doggie Style’. This makes me wonder, when dogs get kinky, do they do it ‘human  style’?

My buddy said that is German Sheppard was way too wild. He went on to say that after the dog was neutered, he calmed down…do you think? They cut his balls off! He had nothing left to live for! Talk  about losing your spirit!

With three dogs, food can be costly. Yesterday we were at Walmart, and decided to look at maybe feeding our dogs food that doesn’t come from the vet. That stuff is triple the cost of Walmart food. My lady says “They won’t eat anything but the best food”. I say “They eat shit in the backyard. How good does this stuff have to be?”

We found a bag of food that only contained vegetables. When was the last time you seen a dog with a cucumber in his mouth? They like bones!

We found brand of dog food that claimed to be even tastier than the previous product. Do they have people who taste dog food and then rate the taste? We settled on Lamb and Rice dog food. It is supposed to be very healthy for dogs because it only contains ingredients that dogs love. When was the last time you seen a dog sitting in a Chinese restaurant ordering Fried Rice?

Our oldest dog came home reeking. He must have gotten into something horribly stinky. My lady suggests that I bath him. Now he smells great and I stink. He gets to cuddle with her in the bed, I sleep on the chair…on a dog blanket. Something wrong there!

With three dogs (and a cat) sharing our home, things can get nasty. This morning, our newest pup (four month old Sheltie Marley) noticed that one of my hearing aids ($2300 a piece) had fallen off the dresser and found its way under the bed. She grabs the thing and runs into the backyard. I noticed something pink and dangling from her mouth while she was taking a crap, but figured it was only a pine cone or a tree branch. Two hours later I discover one of my hearing aids missing. Two hours (spent crawling on my hands and knees in the backyard, turning over every stone and searching within blades of grass) later, and I find my hearing aid, buried in her favorite hiding place. Luckily it remained unscathed and in one piece.

Speaking of the cat, Marley’s favorite pass time is chewing on the cat’s ears. The cat is REAL patient. Speaking of patient, she also enjoys walking behind the oldest dog Boots, with the poor dog’s tail in her mouth…like a little dog train. Oh well, I will miss her silliness once she ‘grows up’.

The middle dog, Halle, a three pound Pom, is coming back to herself. A few weeks back, she contracted a condition called Inflamed Pancreas. We almost lost her. Five days in a vet clinic with an unbelievably kind and very talented vet and we have our little pooch back home again. It was a close call, she vomited every fifteen minutes, and we were told that she could very well die from this ordeal.  The vet had her on IV and injections for all five days. The dog is doing great, but this week, we couldn’t afford to eat. Damn vet bills are unbelievable.

That’s all for now, thought I would share a few laughs from the world of dogs….the little furry friends who light up my day. Below are a few pics that show how hard our pets have it.

DSC02507 DSC02518 DSC025228829_292273195122_2925377_n

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