The Dark Shadow on Donnely Lane

The sun was hot that day, and everyone on the block was out enjoying the heat. People lay out on flat chairs, wearing bikinis and sipping on margaritas. Kids ran carelessly in backyards, eating Mr Freezies and drinking grape Kool-Aid. This was one hell of a summer. Well maybe Hell isn’t a good word to use right now, or perhaps it is the perfect word.

Jane Johnson was a shy creature with a body to die for. She carefully checked around her property to make sure she was alone, and then she dropped her towel and lay naked  on her patio. She was alone, or was she?

The sky was clear, and as blue as the ocean; and then it wasn’t. The shadow of a man wearing a large hat loomed over the front  step  leading to Jane’s patio. Soon the entire patio was swallowed by the shadow. No screams, no  bloodshed, but when the shadow left and the sun returned, Jane Johnson, the bashful girl who worked at the local library lay still. Still warm from  the blinding rays of the sun,  it seemed as though every bit of color was drained from her body. The shadow moved throughout the entire lane, and in a matter of moments, every person  on the block lay as still and as dead as poor Jane Johnson.

I know this because I was there on that day, hiding in the big apple tree behind Jane’s house. On this day, a kid who enjoyed spying on his sexy neighbor got a glimpse of the devil himself.

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