Trifecta Week 84: Evidence

This time we got him. How wouldn’t we? We have his fingerprints; hell, we even have DNA! A quick trip to the lab and we have the son of a bitch.

33 innocent women lost  their lives to this maniac, but up until now, we had nothing. Torn clothing, brutal rape, stab wounds covering the entire lower extremities of their bodies, and his trademark, the right hand severed from the body. The pattern was clear, but he was always so smart. He covered his tracks well.

Constable Connor was an expert at forensics, so he wasn’t worried this time. This time the fucker wouldn’t slip through his fingers.

Connor paced across the tile floor of the lab, anxiously awaiting the results. God knows the family of Charlene Banting were anxious as well. Connor was on his tenth trip across the floor when the M.E. came in the room.

We have identified the fingerprints, as well as the DNA. They both belong to the same person. Connor grew excited at the news. That is, until Dr Hennesey explained further.

“Connor, I don’t think you’ll like what I have to say.”  he said.

“What could it be? We have him. We have his prints, I have no doubt that he is somewhere in our system, maniacs like him always are!” Connor said.

“Well, the prints don’t exactly belong to the person  you think. The prints and the DNA both belong to Charlene Banting. Our forensic team found something stuffed into the mouth of the victim. Apparently our murderer created ‘human skin gloves’ from the hand that he severed from Miss Banting. He literally used her own  skin  to kill her. Her DNA is everywhere.

“The sick bastard! He evolved into a far more  psychotic maniac than he was before! His methods may have been crude, but he is every bit the genius I figured he would be. Damn! We have nothing!” said Connor, almost sobbing his words. “I promised her parents we had the guy!”

This is my entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word is Crude.

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