Two fathers and two sons…

Two fathers and two sons went fishing today. My son made a riddle out of this. How many people went fishing if two fathers and two sons go fishing? Answer? Three.

The weather called for rain, but my dad didn’t believe it. He called around eleven, and asked if me and Ryan would like to go fishing in the mountains. We weren’t long before we joined him.

Along the Long Range Mountains, there exists many ponds and rivers filled with trout. Our favorite pond is actually three ponds that are joined by a small river, which flows along the banks of the Lewis Hills. This is where my dad and I brought Ryan for the first time. You should have seen his face!

Our trusty Polaris Ranger brought us to the site, which was over 35 km from our home. The road was rough, but we all had a laugh and in no time we were there.

When we first got to the pond, I cast my line in and caught the first trout of the day. The fish in these ponds are mainly speckled, and have pink flesh that is absolutely delicious when prepared right. My dad can fry trout better than anyone I know.

My son Ryan was anxious to catch a few as well, but he had no luck. I suggested we walk about a mile from our site, onto an area where a small brook runs into the pond. I remember catching quite a few fish here a few years back, and everyone agreed. My ten year old didn’t even complain about the long  walk. That in itself is a miracle!

When we got to the spot, Ryan rushed over to cast his line. He was just getting used to the spinning reel I bought him, and he  surprised everyone  when he pulled out the biggest fish of the day, weighing in at almost a pound! He caught eight more in a row, and when we all had our limit, we cleaned our catch and headed home. We stopped at a mountain spring that ran down a long mountain, and savored the fresh, clean water.

After a bumpy and dusty ride home, we joined the rest of the family for a cook up. The trout were delicious! This was quite the day. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy days like this with my dad and with my son. Two fathers and two sons.

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