Book Review: Inferno

I just finished reading Dan Brown’s latest creation,  ‘Inferno’. I have to say,  I was never so tired after reading a  book in my life. The entire book, especially the first half,  was nothing but a chase, with a bit of hide and seek thrown  in. I liked the title though, because if I had been reading a paperback rather than an ebook, there would have been an ‘Inferno’ in  my back yard…me burning this damn  book.

I truly believe old Dan wrote this to please his publishers, and to possibly meet some sort of deadline, while he was vacationing in Italy. It reads more like a tour guide of Florence Italy than it does a novel. Dan  went into way (WAYYY) too much detail. It was like having someone tell you about the burger he just ate, and going off on a tangent and sharing with you the family history of the cow they made the meat from. I would say that if one were to take out all the BS, you would end up  with a very interesting pamphlet.

That being said, the story did have a nice twist at the end, but it took Dan sooooo long to reach it. I almost gave up several times, and often found myself skipping ahead page by page to find the story. So much detail was given to things like the history of old buildings and cities.

On the end, I said that I was finishing the thing even if it killed me. I am still here, but I think I learned a very valuable lesson. Ever watch a bomb of a movie, and all through the movie you hope it will get better but you learn that it won’t? This is that movie. God, I hope they never make a movie out of this one…Oh, ya, the thing I learned was that if a book is boring for the first 30%, I am deleting it and going on to the next book on my Kindle. I look forward to bigger and better things from Robert Langdon, this book isn’t it.. Just saying…

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Inferno

  1. I have not read it – and I guess it’s a good thing! I also hate when I read a book and it just stinks, but I keep plowing through it hoping it gets better. I am reading a book called, “The Life of Pi” – I knew nothing about it except it was made into a movie.. if someone had described to me what it was about, I would have thought, nah, I’ll pass…I stayed up until after midnight reading it last night! I love it and I love when that happens!

    1. I think my time is worth more than four bucks. Terrible book! Heed my warning. My brother didn’t. Last evening, during dinner, he mentioned that the book was among one of the most boring and over descriptive pieces of shit he ever read. He is, from this moment on, staying away from anything with Dan Brown’s name attached to it. I think I shall do the same

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