Whatta Week…Can we start over please???

They say that bad luck comes in threes…I sure hope so, because this week has been anything but tolerable. On Thursday of last week, my lady came home from work and mentioned that her car was making a funny noise. In the past, I have come to realize that ‘funny’ noises usually add up to big bucks. I was right. We are looking at paying at least $600 or more. Stupid Chevrolet Cobalt…worst car we ever owned!

Friday morning wasn’t much better.My five year old Pomeranian began vomiting, and never stopped. Every fifteen minutes, she violently threw up, to the point that her little body stiffened from the pain. A quick trip to the vet and we discover that she has had an attack of inflamed pancreas, and that she also has a stomach ulcer. Five days of treatment at the vet, and $750 later, she is back home, but on a strict diet and in a weakened state. From here until next week, the vet says is touch and go. She could die. I was heartbroken from the minute she took sick. Hopefully things will get better for her.

Finally (I hope), while driving on the highway, a rock flew from the wheels of a big rig, and onto my windshield. This is the second time the truck windshield was cracked from a rock, and our insurance premiums will no doubt increase. I was told that the replacement cost for the windshield is $960, so I guess the deductible payment  of $200 isn’t so bad, but right after we renovated the house we had all those things occur. Hard to swallow I must say! Oh Well, at least we have our health!

4 thoughts on “Whatta Week…Can we start over please???

  1. Nope, no like for this one.
    Not sure how far you are from a city with a good industril corner, but whenever I need new auto glass, there are a bunch of shops not too far that usually have what I need – a fast replacement, and usually much cheaper than it would be otherwise.

    Hope the dog perks up soon! And i don’t want this week as a do-over. I’d rather just leave it far, far behind…

    1. she is almost back to herself now, thank heavens. and a few family members chipped in to help out with the bill…everyone just loves the little dog! Got my windshield repaired for $100, which isn’t really that bad, and as for my lady’s car, we still don’t have the bill….

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