A Day in the City

I had a doctor’s appointment in St. John’s on  Tuesday, so on  Monday,  my lady and I drove across the island. We are talking a ten  hour drive! Long  day!

We were lucky enough that my lady’s aunt offered us a place to stay. They had an  extra room  that they weren’t using, so we were fortunate. Nice people. Health nuts, but nice people none the less! Their latest fad is lettuce smoothies. I think I will pass. I refuse to drink lettuce!

When we visited the food court of the shopping mall (My lady loves to shop), we decided to take a break and have something to eat. We both agreed to find a sensible place to sit, somewhere away from  the ‘crazies’. We underestimated the number of ‘crazies’ in the mall that day.

The lady at the next table appeared normal, but when her friend came over from the snack bar, we quickly realized that we made poor judgement with our table location. The guy, who obviously had some mental issues, wore a tight leather jacket and a kerchief tied around his forehead. He had both hands bandaged, and he spoke like a child.  He had a sundae from  Dairy Queen, and when he tried to eat it, the ice cream milk dropped to the floor. With that, he went into a rage.

He called the poor woman every curse word  in the book.  He used obscenities and yelled so loud, everyone in the mall was bothered by his antics. He even threatened to kill the woman. When the screaming got louder, he was escorted out of  the mall by security.  Finally!

We passed the  usual  number of freaks, with their green  hair  and  shaved heads and odd clothing,  but we soon  realized that a few freaks are far better than the one  nutcase who sat  across from us that day. We ran into him again in a few  stores, and each time, he was yelling and swearing  at the woman, who we later realized  must have been his worker. I wonder what asylum he escaped  from?

We ate more  takeout that day than  we did in a month, and later that evening, our stomachs had something to say about it…oh did they ever!

It was a quick trip, as we got to the city on Monday evening, and were on the road back home on Wednesday morning. After driving another ten hours,  our home sure looked good! Like the old saying goes, ‘There’s no place like home’

6 thoughts on “A Day in the City

  1. The crazies in the city are out during the weekday. Us normal city-inhabitants are at work…should have called you in to help. I was swamped!

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