To Dad

Dad, I want to thank you for all the patience you showed to me when I was a kid. God knows I must have given you a run for your money! It is only through raising my own boy that I realize the trials and tribulations of being a good father, and the rewards as well.

I still remember all  the fishing trips and camping trips, and the walks and the talks, and the times that you took the time to teach me right from  wrong. I may not have shown my appreciation back then, but believe me, I certainly do now. I also remember your smile.

I am fortunate that you are still  with me, and how we are still planning  that big fishing trip  for the summer. Not many can be as lucky as I am, to have their best friend, their life friend, still by their side after all  those years. I love you dad.

4 thoughts on “To Dad

  1. So three generations of Bytes will be enjoying each others company on a fishing trip.
    Sounds like a great fathers day gift for him and you.

    1. Man oh Man, I can tell when my brain shuts-off…that was supposed to be That was so sweet!

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