summer memories: a trifextra experience

scalding sun

too hot to run

that’s summer

bandaids on the knees

watch out for the bees

that’s summer

all day on my bike

campfire at night

that’s summer

when I was a kid


This is my entry to Trifextra Weekend Challenge. The challenge this week is to describe summer. This is what I remember from my summer vacation as a kid.

13 thoughts on “summer memories: a trifextra experience

  1. I’m thinking the exact same thing as Christine. I think that’s what I’m giving them. I hope. It’s so wonderful to see that people with these memories still cherish them as adults. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back to vote at the end.

  2. I remember playing baseball in the field by my house, all day long, never wearing sunscreen, and being really ticked off at my mother when she would all me in for supper because I was just having so much fun. Hopefully, my daughters will find their own outdoor activities to fall in love with and remember forever, too. Thanks for writing such a great post.

  3. I remember running hard as a kid and sitting between the shrubs and a house. Maybe my house or a neighbors, we were free to roam as a child. You would be so hot and your head would be pounding from the heat and exertion.

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