my afternoon

Despite the warnings from the local forecast, I decided to head to the river today. I hadn’t fished there since last summer and was anxious for a feed of trout. The road that lead to the river, an old logging road was perfect last summer, as it had been for a number of years since the logging operation left back in the seventies, but this year it is much different.

A few years back, a provincial work project had crews of tree planters replant the entire area with a hybrid pine, a cross between some sort of Japanese pine and the pine that grew naturally here on the island. The promise was that the tree would grow quickly so that it could be harvested. The problem was that the tree planters were mostly teenagers, and in their inexperience, they planted the trees too close together, not giving them the opportunity to grow to their full potential.

A study last summer proved that the operation was a flop, and that all the trees died. Some claimed that the trees were diseased, but I don’t believe that for a minute. I have proof. Back when the tree planting was going on, I ‘borrowed’ a few saplings and planted them  in my back yard. Today the trees are over fifty feet in height, and about two feet in diameter. Beautiful trees with absolutely no disease.

So now the government has hired an independent contractor to go in and cut all the trees, and remove them from the area. In the process, the heavy equipment used to harvest the trees has torn the road leading to the woodlot to hell. So much for my walking trail and the road to my favorite fishing spot.


Luckily for me, I had my brother’s side by side (Polaris Ranger) handy, and the ATV had no problem traveling through all the mud and water that filled the trail.

When I got to the end of the harvesting project, the road was exactly as it had been last summer, and with great relief, I continued on to the best fishing spot for miles, my favorite spot, North East Branch River.

When I arrived at the river, I was amazed at how much the place changed in just one summer. The beaver dam that had caused the river to rise so high was gone, opening up the river even bigger than ever before. Several pools were created in the process, and each of them were filled with trout. In just a half an hour I caught over a dozen river trout, with their pink bellies and red flesh. I couldn’t wait to get home and cook them, but first I had to sit and eat a small snack that I brought with me.

Being diabetic, I always carry a snack. It only takes a minute to prepare, and can be a life saver. Sitting on an old dry log, I opened the cellophane wrapper that held my sandwich, and laid it on the log next to me, and once I poured hot tea from my thermos, I was ready to enjoy my snack. While I sat there, I was  joined by a little squirrel who proved to be very friendly. She had her mouth filled with straw, possibly building a nest to raise her young. She laid her straw next to her and chirped at me. I offered a piece of my bread, and she took it. Too bad I didn’t have a camera, what a neat  picture that would have been…a man and a squirrel sharing a sandwich!

I took the time to clean the fish, and  then headed back to the ATV, and then on home. After coating my fish in flour, and adding salt and pepper, I proceeded to fry the trout to a crunchy, golden  brown texture. What a great supper! What a great day!

2 thoughts on “my afternoon

  1. That was a great story, SnB. (we took a bunch of kids on a fishing trip today – to a small public pond – very few had been fishing before – they only caught a few perch about 3 inches long, but I think they had a blast!)

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