Month: May 2013

still busy…

For the past few weeks I have been slack when it comes to my blog. We are knee deep in home renovations. I do manage to check out the works of others (Hey, I gotta have SOME enjoyment!)

You will have to excuse my little sister, she bites…

My ten year old son just began playing with a few kids from  the community.  A family who lives nearby has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is eleven, while the little girl is just seven. These kids are ROUGH!

A few years ago our son visited with the boy, whose name is Tommy. When he came home, he told of a very cool movie he and Tommy watched. ‘The Scorpion King’! He had nightmares for weeks! I was appalled by the fact that this kid’s parents allowed their kid to watch the movie, let alone allowing our kid to watch it without even calling us first. We swore he wouldn’t be going back there for quite a while.

Anyway Tommy seems to have grown  up a bit. I say that jokingly. He came over in our yard armed with a home made bow and arrow, with another under his arm that he made for my boy, and had plans to go small game hunting in our yard.

What he didn’t realize is that our yard is a no kill zone  for everything short of mosquitoes and house flies. I caught up with the two of them at in the driveway and explained our rules. Tommy couldn’t believe it that we actually fed birds and squirrels. When he seen that the birds were so tame that they ate from my hand, he was amazed.

Kids these days are so violent! When I asked  what his favorite activity was, he explained that his parents just bought him the new Call of Duty game. This is a game rated M for mature. Doesn’t  this mean anything to parents?

Anyway,  the kids were out back playing when all of a sudden we heard the screams. The neighbor’s little girl (who looked like she was raised by wolves, long matted hair looked like it was never cut or combed) had her teeth clamped on my son’s arm. I ran to his rescue, hollering at  her to let go.  When she did let go, her and Tommy (who had his sights set on a little mother robin in her nest)  were both sent home and not welcomed back.

These days it is so difficult to raise kids. Parents  no longer have the right to discipline their children, and it seems  as if the kids are aware of  this. We use grounding  for one sort of discipline, but we  are  usually the ones  punished when we have to listen to the complaining and grumbling from our kid, but I feel that is our job  as parents to act like  adults. Tommy and his sister spend most of their time in front  of the television  playing violent games, and  it really shows  on  them. While some  games are educational, it seems that  the kids refuse  to play them in favor of the the shooting and killing  varieties. This troubles me greatly. Just saying…

An Apology: Hugh Jesso

Apparently the subject of one of my posts, one Hugh Jesso was not fond of one of my stories. It dealt with some of the antics we had at the call center.Maybe I should have asked his permission prior to writing the post. I received a call from Hugh, who asked me to remove the story. I have no problem doing so, but just know that nothing but humor was meant by the story and I apologize for depicting you the way I did. I hope this makes up for any damages I may have done.