Renovations are done!

After two months of constant work, I can happily say that our renovations are finally finished (for the year).

We replaced all our windows and exterior doors, replaced all interior doors, casings and moldings, and added a large patio out front.  We were very fortunate to have the services of an  excellent carpenter, as his work was outstanding and his rates were quite unbelievable.

With the patio, we gave him full control of the design. I was almost afraid to how much it would cost, but he kept the prices to a minimum while still managing to deliver quite a beautiful deck.

My neighbor commented that I had a big deck. I said “aw, I have a girlfriend and I am quite happy with her,  but thanks for the compliment!” (that was a VERY bad joke!)

Anyway, with the renovations finished, and most of the mess cleaned up, I think I shall have a cold one out on the front deck! Check out the pictures!!

DSC02360 DSC02361 DSC02363 DSC02366 DSC02368 DSC02371

3 thoughts on “Renovations are done!

    1. I had to look for people, thought it was only objects…until I seen our family pics…ya, that’s us. Thanks for the comment. I have been too busy to write, so got lots to say now…stay tuned

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