the day that death came to Rusty Hollow

The wind had a cold chill  to it this morning. A craggy old man walked a shabby old dog down the dusty road that led to the church. As he walked, tiny dust storms formed beneath his feet.

Along his path, trees and other vegetation seemed to wither away, leaving a barren wasteland behind him; one that seemed to go on for miles. Where he came from remains a mystery,  but the fact that he was seen headed into Rusty Hollow led people to fear his presence.

His face was filled with wrinkles, and all of his teeth appeared rotten. A long stream of smoke  billowed from his mouth, as he drew back on his cigarette. His cough was rougher than that of a thousand plagues, as he spread his germs and his hate wherever he went.

As he walked  along  the road, he cursed at his companion, a rough cross between a pit-bull and a wolf, with its matted and dirty coat. As they walked along, the dog growled and snarled at anyone who took the time to notice him.

Sally Henderson, the local homecoming queen took one  look  at the haggard dog and  ran to it’s rescue. “Stay away, he will bite you!” yelled the old man, who appeared to be half dead. Sally paid no attention, feeling that the little dog was made to suffer at the hands  of the old  man. She ran to the dog’s side and cradling the little thing  in her arms, a horrible thing took place. Community members stood in disbelief as they watched the beauty queen transform  from a sweet young thing to an  old woman in minutes.

“I warned you to stay away, but you never heeded my advice. Now you shall walk the lonely road with this mangy creature, bringing misery and despair wherever you go. As for me, I am free now.” said the once haggard old  man. His facial features began to change before Sally’s eyes. In just minutes he was but a small boy. “I will never again touch that evil dog!” he said.

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