And now a few Bytes…I mean bites

Originally I intended this blog to be a combination of photos and recipes (sights and bites), but it seemed to evolve into something completely different. That’s okay, but I still want to devote  a few pages to my love of cooking. I am the primary cool in my household. My missus hates cooking, and I love it, so we compromised.  Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorites:

mooseburger scoobi doo

The first is my own concoction of Moose Burger and Scooby Doo Pasta. I call it “Scooby Moo” Moose burger is much more healthy than beef, low in fat and VERY tasty.

moose burger

Moose pizza is another of the favorites in my house. My son loves the thing so much that he requested I make two pizzas for his birthday party. My lady (who hates moose) loved the ground beef pizza (that was secretly moose pizza)


Moose steak and veggies on a bed of noodles makes for a great dinner. Easy to cook and quick, I actually had requests for this dish from time to time.


Pork chops in a special sauce, a few mushrooms and onion, and baked fries smothered with ketchup. Easy and delicious.

chicken hearts

Here is something my dad used to make. Chicken Heart stir fry. Most of you might be saying Yuck, but it really is quite good.


I was lazy with this one, Caribou stir Fry. A few leftover strips of Caribou and rice from the evening before made a great supper for everyone. My lady swears that this was the tastiest beef ever. Who an I to ruin the moment?


Hash Brown Casserole, with sour cream and cream of mushroom  soup, cheese and onion, with bacon  wrapped chicken was a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.


I know it’s not healthy, but I eat healthy 6 out of 7 days a week. If I am going to cheat on my diet, it will be with beans, wieners, bacon and home made pancakes made from scratch. This topped with real Canadian Maple Syrup, and you have a breakfast fit for a king. King Me!

There you have it, a brief look at some of the meals I cook. There are more, but often before I get a chance to snap  a picture, the food is already gone.


One thought on “And now a few Bytes…I mean bites

  1. Good thing I read this After supper. The wife (occasionally) eats chicken hearts. (Have you ever heard the Bill Cosby skit about the CHICKEN HEART?) We do eat chicken livers sometimes. Maybe next week. 🙂

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