Another angel in heaven: A Tribute to Deanna

I lost a dear friend today. Deanna O’Gorman was a very special person who made an impact on everybody fortunate enough to have known her. I am a better person because of her.

Deanna was born with a condition that halted the growth of her body. She was short in stature, but her heart was as big and as pure as the world. She may have been a tiny person, but she was as feisty as they come.

I first met Deanna back in the 90’s; a turbulent time in my life where nothing seemed to work out for me. She and I became very close friends, hanging out together many times. We lost touch sometime between then and now, but I did manage to see her a few times. She had one son, Colby who grew up to be a fine young man. He will be quite successful in his life because he had the support of an amazing mother.

At just 43 years of age, I don’t think  the world was ready to let go of Deanna, I know I wasn’t ready. Her condition took it’s toll on her heart and a double bout of pneumonia was more than she could handle. She spent most of yesterday on life support and she left this world today. My prayers are with her family and her very large circle of friends.

Today many people are sad, but I feel fortunate that I was lucky enough to know this very special person. The world will miss you Deanna O’Gorman. RIP


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