Another ruckus, another arrest. When will it end? Thelma Wilkins was a woman on a mission. A mission to cause as much trouble as she could and to make the lives of all who got in her way a living hell. She did succeed for some time, and then it all came to a screeching halt.

The officers on duty resembled none  of the previous who hauled Thelma in. Those guys were big and tough. Armed with assault rifles, one would say that they went to hell with it, but they had their reasons. The biggest of the three grabbed and held Thelma while the other two tied her hands, and together they all left the little bar.

When they had exited the bar, Thelma was surprised to discover that she wasn’t being  led to a squad car as she usually was, rather, the two guys who held her literally threw her into the side doors of a black van, and they sped away.

While in the van, Thelma was injected with some concoction that knocked her cold. When she came to, she was tied to a bed, sitting in the middle of a large lab. She counted at least fifteen people standing around her, as if they were studying her for some reason.

“She is awake, splendid” said an older gentleman, as he rushed to her side.  “What the fuck? Who the hell are you guys and why am I here? and why am I tied to this table?” she hollered.

“Relax my dear, we just performed an experimental  procedure on you, it shouldn’t cause you too much harm” he assured her.

“You Fuckwiths! What kind of procedure? You never even asked my permission!” she yelled.

“You have been causing trouble all your life, now its time to pay for the misery you caused, but rest assured, our little experiment will not cause you any pain. All we did was inject you with a multiple DNA solution.” he said.

“A multiple DNA Fuck what?” she blasted.

“You are going to have to relax. I will explain everything to you.” he went on to explain.

“The experimental drug will allow you to be impregnated by multiple men, the DNA from each of the men will combine to create the perfect soldier…I mean the perfect baby” he said.

“What the fuck? You kidnapped me and shot me full of some drug that allows me to give birth to a soldier? You had no right. Besides, I ain’t havin’ no kids, I hate the little fuckers!” she said.

“Some things are beyond your  control,  my dear. The procedure has already been done. There is nothing you can do to reverse it.” he said.

“There is something, I can have my tubes tied, that way, no children” she said.

“My love, you don’t have our permission to do that. Besides, you won’t be leaving this facility for quite awhile, so again, relax.” said the old doctor.

Later that evening, when everyone had left the room, Thelma managed to untangle the ropes that tied her to the table. Although still weak from whatever they filled her veins with, she managed to make it to the door, and putting her shoulder against it, she managed to push it open. She ran down  the hallway towards what appeared to be an exit.

When she opened the exit door, she found herself in a room with over fifty soldiers. Seeing that she was with them, all fifty men began disrobing.

“We were waiting for you” said one of the men, a rough looking dude with muscles like a gorilla. Thelma was again bound to a table, and all fifty men took turns raping her.

Beaten and bruised, what was left of Thelma lay on a cold floor in a dark room. Later that day she was taken  to a holding cell that resembled what some  would call solitary confinement in a prison. Food and water were offered on a regular schedule, and each day  someone would come  in, take a blood test, and leave. This went on for nine months. Nine months of hell and agony, and then it all  ended.

Thelma was once again tied to a gurney, and wheeled to the delivery room. All she could think of was how much she wanted this monster that grew inside her OUTTA her! That is what they did, and although they had at their convenience the best in medical equipment, their work was rough and painful, and without compassion. Her screams were silenced with the growl of whatever fed inside her for nine months, and when they extracted the beast from her, they discarded poor Thelma in an alley and left.


While laying on her psychologist’s chair, Thelma recalls her horrid experiences with the agency. Although her memory remains clouded, she manages to relive the horrible experiences she survived at the hands of the testing lab and the maniacs who ran the place.

“The first time was just so scary! They gang raped me after shooting me full of some concoction, and I ended up with the most frightening pregnancy ever witnessed by a human  being. I never seen the child, I didn’t want to.” she explained, the entire time mixing tears with words.

The psychologist’s eyes nearly popped when she went on to explain in detail her experiences and how her life changed because of them.

Thelma went on to describe the next time she was taken.

“Once they abandoned me in the street, a few homeless people took me in. I wasn’t sure exactly who I was at the time, probably a side effect of the drug procedure I went through. For the longest time I lived as someone else. One of the vagrants thought I looked  like a Maria, so my name became Maria Vagrant. Eventually I managed to find work as a librarian, got an apartment, and moved off the streets. It was a difficult move, seeing how I had managed to develop an addiction to the local street drugs that were available at the time. Hey, I went through hell, I would have taken anything that helped me forget.”

She went on. “While working at the library, I got real close to this nice gentleman who frequented the place. One evening he asked me out. I didn’t know what to say. Of course I said yes, he was gorgeous! His name was Howard Thibeau. Single, financially stable, perfect!

We dated for awhile, and then one day, he slipped up.”

What do you mean “he slipped up” asked Joan, her psychologist.

“He slipped up and called me me Thelma. He knew who I was all along, and he was setting me up for another fall. When I asked him who he called me, he called me Maria, but I knew then that something wasn’t right. I had to ask  who Thelma was. He wouldn’t say anything, just that he made a mistake.

This mistake got me to thinking. As Maria, I had  no idea to where I had come  from, who my family was, who I was. There was something familiar with the name Thelma, so I began to search for answers. It was my dreams that gave me my answers. I had dreams about this woman who drank and partied hard, and who suffered an abusive childhood. You can see why it was easy to take on the persona of Maria Vagrant. Eventually the dreams became too real to be dreams, and my memories came back. Not only did my childhood and young woman memories remain, but so did the memories of my experiences with the foundation.”

“The Foundation? What foundation?” asked Joan.

“The Foundation for Supersoldiers”, the wacked out crowd of maniacs that kidnapped me and took my baby.” Thelma said.

“Tell me more” said Joan.

“Well as soon  as I began to figure things out, I asked Howard if I could see where he worked. I said that I was curious to what he did all day. He denied me the chance of course, but that just forced  me to follow him one day. Just as I thought, he headed for the same abandoned warehouse that I seen so many times in my nightmares. When I seen him head in I freaked. I just ran as far away from  that place as I could.”

“I never seen  Howard  again. One day, while working at the library, I shut the place down for the supper hour. On my way out the door I was grabbed by two masked men…again. Same thing again, back to the warehouse, back to the lab.”

“My God, were you raped again?” Joan asked.

“Not this time, apparently technology had changed, this time everything they needed to do with me was contained in the forty five injections they gave me. In  just four months I gave birth to three ‘healthy’ babies. Again they took them from me, but decided to keep me around for more ‘breeding’. Apparently I have great genes.”

“This time,I actually seen one of the babies.  He didn’t even look  human, closer to an ape. His body covered with hair, face very ape-like. Frightened the hell  out of me when I saw the thing. How could that be part of me?” she said, this time her voice becoming enraged. “I felt like some  sort of fucking lab rat! They had no right, the didn’t!”

Joan sank back into her chair. She had heard some strange  stories in her time, but none  like this. Ape people? This lady is truly insane.

Thelma  went on. “They kept me in the facility. I was fed like an animal, and every few months or so they would come into  the room with  a different solution  and stick  me with it. God only knows what runs through my veins as we speak!”

Joan  had enough. “Thelma, have you been using heroin  again? This story seems just a little far fetched. Why don’t you relax, we can get you into a treatment clinic and make everything better.”

Thelma began to get upset.” You bitch.  After I bared my soul to you, I am crazy! I am paying good money for this, I don’t need treatment, there is nothing wrong  with me!”

“Calm down my dear, I didn’t mean to make accusations. I apologize.” she said, as she left the room.

When Joan got to the outside office, she pushed a button on a wall. A door opened and she walked through the hallway inside. Reaching a medical lab, she spoke to an older gentleman.

“She isn’t  buying the addiction  bit. She remembers too much. She remembers it all!”  she told the man.

“Don’t worry, who would believe her? Mystery men capture her,  impregnate her, and then steal her baby. A baby monkey man. Surely you jest. Totally hogwash!” he said, laughing.

“Is it true? Is she telling the truth about this madness”? Joan pressed. With that, the old man stuck her in the neck with a syringe. In minutes Joan hit the floor hard.  Her question proved to be the last words she would ever ask.


They let him in again, the one who most resembles  me. This cage where I spend my days and my nights  is a lonely place, so any bit of companionship  goes a long way. This one almost looks human. He isn’t violent like the rest of them. He doesn’t seem  to want to hurt me, rather he seems to seek something else. He is actually nurturing.

At first I was afraid, anyone would be, but after awhile you begin to understand; at least I did. He holds me in his huge arms, I know he could crush me if he wanted to, but he is different. His eyes are like  mine, bright blue.

I remember how my baby blues used to get me  into trouble. Guys loved my eyes. Of  course a life of abuse put me on the defensive. I never trusted any man, I couldn’t. For some  strange reason,  I trust this monster who now holds me in his arms, protecting me.

A knock comes at the door. “Get out of there,  let her be. Her time here is getting shorter.” yells a very uncaring voice. The monster holds me even closer. I think I see a tear in one  of his eyes. His words are slurred, barely recognizable. “Leeeeve  my maaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaa alone” I think he believes I am his mother.

Thing is, I could very well be his mother. In the years following the first abduction to the time that I was kept as a prisoner here in the facility, things have changed drastically. At first the experiments were done by injections, and then rapes. Gradually the brutality has lessened, but the test subjects have changed. The scientists moved from human to animal to God knows what. I don’t know what type of sperm has been injected into my body, but judging from the thing that now holds me, I would say that something of the ape variety was mixed with my DNA at some stage.

As the thing held me the door was forced open. Two large men in lab coats tried to force the thing to release me.  With one of his huge arms he knocked both men unconscious.  He then returned to sit and hold me  in his arms. He made soothing noises as he rocked me in his arms. A bit later, even more men  came in, and they all received similar treatment.

Seeing how he refused to let me go, the men now entered the room  armed with high powered weapons. My protector stood in front of me while they sprayed him with bullets. The bullets simply bounced off his rock hard skin. Seeing how he protected me, I grew to realize that he was here to protect me. He threw his arms around me, and shielding the bullets with his back, he fled the room.

We ran down a  long hallway that led to a dark door. Red lights flashed all over the facility. When we reached the black door, he lifted his leg and gave a thunderous kick that pitched the door  many hundred feet away.

When we reached the outside of the building there were others  just like him…waiting. At first I was afraid, but then everything changed. Loud cheers were heard as the words ‘MAAMA’ were repeated by all. The humanoid figures, all different but with the same set of bright blue eyes all reached out for me. The beings stood in front of me as they moved in unison towards the laboratory. Several rows of soldiers now exited the building, heavily armed. Two helicopters emerged  from the roof and I could see that the co-pilot was  armed with an  assault rifle. Were they trying to kill  me or those beings who claim to be my children?

Large stones, fenders torn from cars, even  light poles were ripped from where they stood and thrown  toward the soldiers. One  of the creatures literally picked up a Hummer and threw it into the sky, striking and knocking one of the copters to the ground. Flames circled the entire complex  as men ran  for their lives. The soldiers were quick to retreat inside the building as one of the creatures ran towards  them with a light pole  in hand.  Like a javelin, he threw the almost twenty five foot pole towards the door, crashing it  open. The other helicopter now hovered directly over me and my children.

“Remain where you are, we will protect you” yelled the pilot. Ya right, protect me. For over twenty years they held me captive here, doing the lord knows what to my body: The hell with them I thought. I was never one to back down from a fight, and now that I was armed with enough power to bring this horrible place to its knees, I moved forward. One  of  my children literally leaped up, his arms reaching towards the copter. He grabbed on and pulled the spinning machine to the ground. When there was nothing but rubble remaining from the copter, he came out,  unscathed.

Like a team we surged toward the building. Doors kicked, walls punched, we moved toward the room  at the end of the hallway, the room  where they gathered. Cell doors held others like my children, and as we broke  down their cell  doors, they all chanted that familiar mantra “MAAMA, MAAMA!” They were my children as well.

Now a force of over two hundred ‘super soldiers’, the war was at hand. Weaponless and without fear, we moved towards the room  where  they had barricaded themselves, perhaps to give them enough time to think things through, time to plan  their next move. Surely they never created those monsters without a fail-safe, nobody was that dumb…or were  they so wrapped up in their horrifying experiments that they lost trace of their original goal of creating soldiers to protect the earth? This certainly seems to be the case.

When we entered the room we stood facing a giant weapon. Closely resembling a cannon, but much more complex, the man behind the firing mechanism gave us an ultimatum. “Lie on the floor  and give up or be blasted to bits”. Apparently the scientists did more than DNA experiments, they also worked to develop high powered weapons. This was no doubt one  of those weapons.

The largest of my children, a definite mix of polar bear, ape and human DNA (my DNA) was the first to tackle the weapon.  One  button press and he was nothing but fur on the floor. I ran  to his side as any mother would do, and holding what was left of him, I cried aloud. With this, the others attacked. Without mercy they climbed over the weapon and onto the people who tried to destroy the family. In minutes it was all over.

A loud beeping sound began emitting from one of the control panels on the wall. A countdown timer appeared on a console, numbers counting down from  ten to zero. There wasn’t time to leave and we feared this was the end. When the number reached zero, a mist was released into the air.  That is all I remember from that day.

I awoke in a hospital. Doctors and nurses are tending to me. My mind was a blur. Confused and disoriented, I asked where I was. “You are in the best hospital New York has to offer. Don’t  worry, everything is okay.  We found you lying on  the street, battered and bruised. In a few days you can go home. Rest now Thelma, everything will be better now.” One of the nurses said.

A few days later I was released.  The first thing I wanted to do was find the facility, find my children.  I visit the area where the facility was. An empty lot. No sign  of anything. I dare not ask too many questions as I may not exactly sound sane. I will however, continue to search this earth for my children, my family.

Meanwhile, on the battle fields of a far away land, courageous soldiers fight to protect the world against terrorism and cruelty. Those men hold no weapons. Their bodies are their weapons. Battles are fought by day and by night the air is calm and silent.  If you listen real well, you can  hear a familiar chant. “MAAMA MAAMA MAAMA MAAMA MAAMA”

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